Parks Cabinet Shop, Inc. is a family-owned custom woodworking shop in Clinton, Missouri.  We focus on custom kitchens and vanities.  But also build many entertainment centers, desks, built-ins, pantries, closets, etc. We build 99% of our product within our facility on-site. Our experienced design team works with the customer and the contractors to get your product the way you want it and on budget.

As a former rough-in carpenter Bill Parks began building cabinets in 1978 in his father’s garage in Calhoun, Missouri as a means to get out of the elements. Parks Cabinets was formally incorporated in 1989 and Bill ran the business until he died in 2007. That small garage has been built around and added on to a total of 14,000 square feet (12,500 sq/ft manufacturing and 1,500 sq/ft showroom) at the primary location. We also have a dedicated 2,500sq/ft paint shop a half mile away.

Parks Cabinets’ success and longevity are predicated on happy customers. Happy customers were and continue to be Parks Cabinets main form of advertising as referrals drive our current workload.

Bill’s sons Nigel Best and Ryan Parks took over ownership and management of the business upon his passing. Loyal employees Bret Ridgeway and Kevin Redding have been with the company since 1984,

Ruth Roberts and Howard Moore since 1987 and Stacy Golden since 1994 and have helped mightily with the transition. Our 12 Full-time employees have approximately 175 years with the business.

Parks Cabinets primarily served the Golden Valley region (30-mile radius of Calhoun) until 2011 when word of mouth spread to the Kansas City area. We enjoy the relationships built with our customers throughout the years regardless of our geographic position and take pride in serving multiple philanthropic charities in the area where our employees live.

Parks Cabinets is a custom woodworking shop that fabricates almost everything on-site in Calhoun and installs most with our own crew. Our sales staff likes to get involved as soon as possible to eliminate any foreseeable problems. We also work hand in hand with the contractor or subcontractors to make the new construction or remodel process as easy as possible. We offer advice from years of experience providing customers with the most efficient kitchen in the style of their choosing.


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